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Types of Facial Moisturisers

Types of Facial Moisturisers

Types of Facial Moisturisers

With so many options on the shelf, how do you know which moisturiser is right for you? Let Olay educate you on the different types of moisturisers so you can give your skin some thirst quenching goodness.

Types of Moisturisers


Moisturising creams, easily penetrate skin to deliver key ingredients that lock moisture in. By binding water to the skin and reducing evaporation, creams actually increase skin’s water content. Not all cream moisturisers are created equally, so it's important to choose a cream moisturiser based on your skin type, and for your needs. Some moisturisers are made especially for use during the day or the night.


Serums are concentrated treatments for your skin moisturisers. The active ingredients in serums are generally more concentrated so and they target a variety of skin concerns by delivering a large dose of key ingredients. Serums are typically light formulas that are especially great for skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and dark spots


When choosing a day moisturiser, it is important to look for one with an SPF of at least 15. Without SPF broad spectrum protection , your skin is vulnerable to sun damage and premature wrinkles.