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Should you add an eye cream to your skincare routine?

Should you add an eye cream to your skincare routine?

Your eyes are the windows to the soul; they have the ability to tell our unspoken stories but at the same time, they may reveal secrets we may not want to share. Olay scientists have discovered that our eyes are the “hot zone” of perception; they are where people look first and have the biggest impact on others’ perception of our age. To help women create the perfect canvas for ageless, flawless eyes, Olay created the Olay Eyes Collection, designed for your eyes only.


The Olay Eyes Collection is designed by Olay scientists through unique studies which revealed the urgent need for targeted solutions for the eyes only. Key insights found include:

  1. Eyes are the “hot zone” of perception. Olay scientists conducted an eye-tracking research to study where the eyes are immediately drawn to and focused on when looking at a face. It was found that the eye area is the focal point on the face from which first impressions and judgments of a person’s age and attractiveness are made.

  2. Eyes can look up to 14 years older than the rest of your face. From inside out, skin around the eyes is the driest and most vulnerable, aging much earlier and faster than the rest of the face. It was also found that eyes age the fastest and the most between the ages 20 to 50.

  3. Small improvements make big differences. Olay scientists also looked further into the skin around the eyes to determine which eye issues are most crucial to correct for noticeable results. Reduction of dark circles were found to have the profoundly noticeable impact on the perception of attractiveness, followed by improvement of wrinkles and puffiness for perceived attractiveness and youth.

Eyes are widely recognized as a woman’s most important feature – women spend a significant amount of time on eye make-up as compared to the rest of the face, and in recent years have been increasingly searching on the best eye creams on the internet. In contrast, when it comes to skincare, women spend the least amount of time taking care of the eye area.

Understanding the urgent need for targeted solutions for the specific needs of the eye area, Olay designed its first-ever complete skincare collection for the eyes only.


The Ultimate

The Ultimate Eye Cream, is formulated with Olay’s best color correcting technology for dark circles and super-charged with peptides and Niacinamide to target three of eyes’ greatest concerns – dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. With a unique color-correcting technology and active ingredients such as niacinamide, glycerin and penta-peptide, this formula specifically targets the three main eye skin concerns, giving you instantly younger looking eyes . The unique color-correcting technology matches most skin tones and contains texture-enhancing super-emollients for a silky smooth feel – creating the perfect base for ageless, flawless eyes. Get ready for your best eye cream

The Smoother

Formulated with Olay’s best wrinkle fighting ingredient and proprietary retinoid, retinyl propionate, and Niacinamide, the Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment restores the rate of skin surface cell turnover, so wrinkles appear shorter and less deep. This treatment diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet and deep-set wrinkles in 4 weeks , giving you a smooth canvas for ageless eyes.

¹ In a consumer self-assessment conducted among 36 women in the US, 81% of women agreed that it reduces the need for a concealer, 86% saw the reduction of dark circles in one use, and 75% saw the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in one use.

² In a consumer self-assessment conducted among 55 women in the US, 78% saw improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks.