As you slowly open your swollen eyes, regret starts sinking in — Ah, yes, the consequence of sleeping at 4 AM for binging too much K-drama. Or when you could’ve gone home early, but you stayed out way past your bedtime anyway.

But here you are now - looking like you got hit by a tornado. Hair’s a mess, eyes are puffy, and skin looks overall dull and horrendous.

Don’t you just wish there was a product that made you look like you had your 8 hour beauty sleep even though you didn’t?

You have probably already heard about Retinol - It is a form of Vitamin A with compounds known to boost production of collagen, lessen appearance of fine lines and stimulate faster skin cell turnover for a younger, plumper, and healthier looking skin.

So many skin care ingredients have come and gone – snail cream, snake venom, matcha, Aztec clay – but Retinol has definitely stood the test of time as the gold standard to renew and resurface your skin. So yes, basically the holy grail of skincare.

After 21 years of research on Vitamin A and 5 years of testing and formulation, Olay has created a revolutionary Retinoid complex!

With BIOAVAILABLE Retinoid, Olay Retinol24 goes deeper into the skin layers (10 layers deep in the epidermis, to be specific)!

As a result, Olay RETINOL24 gives your skin 24 hour hydration and you wake up to plumper, younger-looking skin every morning.

What’s more is that it is formulated without artificial dyes, oils or perfumes. It also has no added phthalates or sulfates!